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  • Clock Man, a master clock module. It creates DIN-Sync and/or MIDI-Clock, and also is able to control the settings of connected Clock Boy modules with a dial and display

  • Clock Boy, a clock slave module, which translates DIN-Sync or MIDI-clock into an "analogue" clock signal and corresponding control triggers. Clock Boy provides six clock divisions, a pause/start-in function, swing/shuffle, and provides various reset modes.

  • VMC, a set of voltage controlled MIDI orientated modules for Eurorack
  • cv2midi, an Arduino software for the eurorack module VMC-2. It translates incoming voltages and triggers/gates into various MIDI data. (Trigger to MIDI, CV to MIDI).
  • SQ-3P, an Arduino software for the eurorack module VMC-1. It provides a simple polyphonic MIDI step sequencer inspired by the sequencers in the Roland JX-3P and SH-101
  • SQ-4M, an Arduino software for the VMC-system. It provides a monophonic multi track MIDI step sequencer inspired by the sequencers in the Roland JX-3P and SH-101
  • chordtrigger, an Arduino software for the eurorack module VMC-1. It provides a chord trigger function. Played chords are repeated either by a clock signal or according to a programmable pattern. The velocity is controlled either by a separate pattern, controlvoltages, or note individual random values
  • MC-1, an Arduino software for the eurorack module VMC-1. It provides a simple MIDI clock generator.
  • torroid transformers for 115/230V suitable for Roland JX-3P, Juno-Series, TR-909, Microwave A/B, Yamaha DX-7, generic eurorack supplies
  • DIN-Sync to analogue clock interface (This has been replaced by the Clock Boy; see top of the page)
  • Chord-Trigger for Korg Polysix and Poly61
  • Synthesizer: So funktioniert elektronische Klangerzeugung
  • R is for Roland
Services - repair and modification of synths and analog studio gear
  • Service Manuals: This is a link to Rob Senso's website. He offers a huge collection of exceptional scans of service manuals for all kinds of electronical musical devices. You can download them without restriction, but I ask you to be fair and donate a little money as he asks you on top of his page. If you did so already, the you may scroll down on his page.
    I removed all service manuals from my page with exception of those, which are not available at synfo or which I scanned in better resolution.
  • ADA STD-1: a sound example of this great analogue multitap chorus unit.
  • Arturia Minibrute: Some pics from the inards of the Minibrute, and better pcb layout plans.
  • Akai S612: Info about the first Akai sampler ever. The complete service manual for the S-612. Some description of the less known multisampling upgrade. Editing software for Atari.
  • Akai S700: the service manual, includes the AKS70 volatile memory expansion
  • Akai X7000 service manual, owners manual for the Akai X7000 keyboard sampler
  • Akai SXM007, service manual, this is the service manual for the more rare SXM007 non-volatile memory expansion. Unfortunately Akai didn't add a pcb layout to the sm.
  • Akai VX600: some pictures of an Akai VX600 I owned some years ago
  • Boss DR-55: schematics, service manual
  • Bel BD 80S: some pictures of a powersupply replacement and of cleaning the push buttons of this marvelous stereo delay
  • Boss BX-8 / BX-16: service manual (thanks to Andy F aka werock at muffs)
  • PlanB Milton: schematics and two pictures of a Milto sequencer from Peter Grenaders "Plan B"; I once was asked, whether I could repair this one, and the customer sent me these data. But in the end the job was canceled. As it is a rare piece, I decided to publish it here. All rights by Peter Grenader.
  • Casio FZ-1: service manual, zip-archive with photographs from my orignal paperversion.
  • Casio FZ-20m: service manual
  • Dynacord VRS-23: schematics, only three *.tif files
  • Dynacord Percuter: Pictures of my percuter, boomer and sequencer. This gear has been stolen between 24th of December 2016 and 2nd of January 2017 in Berlin. Serial numbers are: Dynacord Percuter S #10041, Dynacord Big Brain (Sequencer) #10113, Dynacord Boomer (Prommer) #10115.
  • Electrix Repeater: original owners manual, manual for firmware V2.0, firmware V2.0, various informations
  • Harms MAC16: Some information on a rare 16-channel MIDI-CV interface (incl. Ownersmanual).
  • Korg DW-8000: Owners Manual, Service Manual for the Korg DW-8000, instructions, on replacing the battery, cassette dump audio files of both banks.
  • Korg KEC-42: Owners Manual, Service Manual for the Korg KEC-42, a short description of the device and a few pictures
  • Korg Minipops MP-7: Schematics of the Korg Minipops MP7.
  • Korg MonoPoly: Modifications, tuning instruction, pictures, schematics / service manual for the Korg MonoPoly.
  • Korg MS-20 SERVICE MANUAL: service manual as PDF (courtesy of vintageplanet.nl).
  • Korg Polysix: schematics / service manual for the Korg PolySix. Chord-Trigger module for the Polysix and Poly61.
  • Korg Poly61: schematics / service manual for the Korg Poly61. I don't own a Poly61, but I am thinking about to use its voiceboard as an extender for the MonoPoly.
  • Korg SDD-1200: service manual for the Korg SDD-1200 Digital Delay
  • Korg SDD-3000: service manual for the Korg SDD-3000 Digital Delay
  • Korg SQ-10: high resolution scan of the service manual for the Korg SQ-10 sequencer.
  • Langensee Compressor: some pictures and a sound example on the Langensee compressor, which is an nice adoption of the Urei 1178
  • Lexicon Jamman: pictures of the replacement of a broken rotary encoder in a Lexicon Jamman.
  • MIDI-Looper.txt: an unfinished concept for a MIDI-looper (inspired by the ELectrix Repeater).
  • Moog Parametric EQ: Some pics from a repair of a Moog Parametric EQ - these are especially examples for the misuse of contact cleaner on potentiometers.
  • Moog Phaser: repair of a Moog Phaser - broken switch for stage countr.
  • Moog Polymoog: servicemanual of the Moog Polymoog as PDF.
  • Moog Prodigy: Pictures of my modified Moog Prodigy (additional MIDI-Out and MIDI-In by Doepfer CTM64 and MCV4)
  • Oberheim DS2a: I bought this old digital sequencer some years ago, but never managed to get it running really. At the moment only two pictures. The Service Manual is available too.
  • Oberheim OB-Xa: pictures and service manual.
  • Quantec QRS: owners manual and service manual.
  • Rhodes Chroma Polaris: Pictures of a helper pcb that replaced the broken switch membrane temporarily
  • Roland CR-78: DIN-Sync interface for the Roland CR-78, and schematics of the WS-1 programmer switch for the CR-78
  • Roland CSQ-100 service manual / schematics
  • Roland CSQ-600 service manual / schematics
  • Roland JX3P: info, tipps, schematics, and modification on this roland Synth.
  • Roland Juno-6 / Juno-60: A chord trigger modification for the Juno-6 or Juno-60. Also some pictures of my incredibly rotten Juno-6.
  • Roland Jupiter 4: a few pictures of a mod i made to the voicecards of the Jupiter 4, to enable/disable voices. This makes the tuning procedure much easier.
  • Roland Jupiter 6: modifications, pictures, some documentation 
  • Roland RS-505: pictures of the toggle switches
  • Roland SH-1: pictures of a replacing the 100V-transformer by a 230V torroid transformer; picture of a panel switch disassembled.
  • Roland SH-2: description of the hard-sync modification for the Roland SH-2
  • Roland SH-7: pictures of my Roland SH-7, which was stolen from my appartement while burglary.
  • Roland SH-101: service manual and some modifications.
  • Roland TR-808: german owners manual, schematics
  • Roland System 100: service manual, schematics, owners manual, patchbooks.
  • Roland System 100m: schematics and two sound examples. These pages are mainly a simple gallerie, which uses the scans, that are available at Analogue Heaven. On analogue heaven there is no possibility to walk through the schematics.
  • Roland System 700: schematics. I don't own a System 700, so please don't ask me questions.
  • Roland Filters: an overview on all types of voltage controlled filters used in analogue roland synthesizers.
  • Roland Ensemble and Choruses: an overview on all types of string ensemble effects and chorus'es used in analogue roland synthesizers (work in progress, not complete).
  • Studiomaster 16-4-2 Mixing Console: schematics, modifications
  • Tama TS-305/306: schematics.
  • Vestakozo (Vestakaza) DIG-420: Some info on this very interesting vintage Audio Delay.
  • Yamaha CS-15: Service Manual, full schematics, modifications for this underrated synth.
  • Yamaha CS-60: Some simple instructions, how to add an LED to the voiceboard (M-Board), which is lit when the voice is active. Very helpful while tuning
  • Yamaha RM 2408 Mixing Console: Description, Pictures, Schematics
DIY devices
  • A simple headphone amp: The circuit is derived from the headphone amp circuits in the later Roland synths.
  • A100: Some information about diy-Modules (suitable for the Eurorack-System) and about some modifications for the Doepfer A100
Other stuff
About me
Other more or less private stuff:
  • mountains; my other passion is alpine ski mountaineering and hiking in the mountains (public accessible pages).
  • private; private pages for family and friends (password protected)
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