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Roland System 100

Roland System 100 Synthesizer 101 and Expander 102 (Photo: Florian Anwander, 2008) Full System (Photo courtesy of Kevin Lightner from Synthfool) Roland System 100 Sequencer 104 (Photo: Florian Anwander, 2008)

The Roland System 100 is a semi modular synthesizer system. You find a good description written by Peter Forrest at http://www.synthmuseum.com/roland/rolsys10001.html.
I own the synthesizer 101, the expander 102, the mixer 103 and the sequencer 104.

You will find here the manuals for the four main moduls (I don't know whether there is a service manual for the Speakers 109). These Files are PDF presentations created with Adobe-Photoshop. They will open in your browser and be clickable forward and backward. If you want to use them for printout or manual viewing, then right-click the link and save the file to your computer. The Owners Manuals and the Patchbooks were scanned by Kari I. Keskinen from Finland; I cannot thank him enough for this help!

Service Manuals Owners Manuals The Patchbooks

land System 100, full

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