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Akai X7000

front of the akai x7000

  • Akai_X7000_User_Manual.pdf - The user manual for the Akai X7000i (Thanks to the user @eusti at the sequencer.de forum, who provided the scans)
  • Akai_X7000_Service_Manual.pdf - The service manual for the Akai X7000. The title page pretends to provide information about the memory extension AKS70 too, but it isn't contained.
  • Pictures
There is some editing Software written and available free from Harald Plontke:
  • X7000.ZIP - Editor software for the S700/X7000 for Atari ST (TOS 1.04 or 1.06)
You may find som sample data on my Akai S612 Pages.

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