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Akai S612

This page is mainly under construction. ;-) I want to collect here useful information regarding the Akai S612 Sampler. Most links on this subpage won't work at the moment. Don't worry, be happy... There is some editing Software written and available free from Harald Plontke
  • S612.ZIPEditor software for the S612 for Atari ST (TOS 1.04 or 1.06)
  • X7000.ZIPEditor software for the S700/X7000 for Atari ST (TOS 1.04 or 1.06)
And here some of my sample data. They are all in the format which is written/read by the editor software of Harald Plontke mentioned above. I created them all in a Version 1.3 sampler. If you want to use them in a standard Akai S-612 you have to remove the first 256 Byte. But this is very easy. Either do it in the software with the block delete function or do it in the sampler using the start fader.
  • 612_single.smp.zipThese are single samples in *.SMP format
  • 612_multi.smp.zipThese are multi-samples in *.SMP format. In a standard S-612 you will hear all parts played one after the other. Since the looping information for the different parts is lost in a standard S-612, you won't have much use of those (except the drum samples)
  • 612_single.blk.zipThese a single samples in the *.BLK format - means, partial sample data, which can be used for creating a multisample

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