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Yamaha RM-2408

Yamaha RM2408 Mischer kleine Ansicht

The Yamaha RM-2408 is a 24 channel inline-console with 8 subgroups. At the moment I did only a few modifications:

  • I removed the second ground/chassis connection of the channel modules, which is located under the fader. This reduces the humm in the desk (there are two connections per module, which causes a slight ground loop).
  • I rewired the echo send switches, so they both are fed from the large fader and do a pre/post switching.
  • I rewired the 'small fader' switching (buttons labeled 'pre', 'tape' and 'pgm'). If no button is pressed the small fader has the post-faded signal from the large fader.
  • I made a connection from the subgroup bus input at on each channel and wired it to the tape-return switch. The tape in still can be engaged by the "remix" function.
  • I added a master insert, simply by splitting the connection of the fader input - it is a jumper wire on the masterchannel board, so it is dead easy.
There is a thread on gearslutz where replacing the opamps in the channels is discussed. See here

I scanned some pictures from the flyer: Here are the schematics. The schematic is one large paper, about three DIN-A4/lettersize pages wide and two DIN-A4/lettersize pages high. These two files are the full scan. They contain the modifications in the signal path I did. If you want the original version, then use the single sheet scans below: If you want to print out the schematics on a normal Lettersize/A4-printer, then the following version might be more helpful. Also those scans do not contain my modifications. I scanned the plan overlapping as two rows of four A4-scans. The first row (RM24A*.*) shows the channel and subgroups, the second row (RM24B*.*) shows the master section and monitor section. The power supply is on two separated pages.

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