Electrix Repeater

The Electrix Repeater is an audio looper with four-tracks per loop. To my opinion it is the best hardware looper, that was ever built. All handling and editing can be done in realtime, while the loop is running. You never have to press stop for any step, and even if you delete a loop, the next loop will stay on the beat.
Unfortunatele IVL Technologies, the engineering company behind Electrix, decided in June 2002 to discontinue the Electrix brand. BTW: IVL still is very present in the music electronics business. They did (and do) tremendious work for Digitech, TC-Helicon and others. The brand Electrix was revived in 2013 (see www.electrixpro.com), but they no longer support the legacy products. Today Electrix produces controllers for DAWs. I assume the brand was sold and has nothing to do with IVL anylonger.
CF-Cards for the Electrix Repeater
The repeater can record to internal memory and to CF-cards (Compact Flash Cards). However it requires some special CF cards which allow direct recording while playing back. These CF cards are equipped with a special integrated circuit for the memory access: an Hitachi SAH05. Electrix mentioned on their site cards from Simple Technology (sizes: 128MB+) and SanDisk. But be warned: this means only some dedicated partnumber, not every "SanDisk". Unfortunately the PDF with the CFC.listing is not available on web.archive.org.
So I put some efforts in the search for the right cards and could collect a list of suitable cards from the brand "Pretec":
 Size           Type                    Price
 32MB 		CFH032-CP		$38.10
 32MB           CFH032EH5               $38.10
 32MB           CFH032-HR               $56.25
 32MB           RCFH032EH5H             $56.25
 64MB           CFH064-CP               $41.58
 64MB           CFH064EH6               $41.58
 64MB           CFH064-HR               $60.58
 64MB           RCFH064EH6H             $60.58
 128MB          CFH128-CP               $53.65  
 128MB          CFH128EH6               $53.65
 128MB          CFH128-HR               $75.68
 128MB          RCFH128EH6H             $75.68
 256MB          CFH256-CP               $89.65
 256MB          CFH256EH6               $89.65
 256MB          CFH256-HR               $120.68
 256MB          RCFH256EH6H             $120.68
 512MB          CFH512-CP               $178.55
 512MB          CFH512EHG               $178.55
 512MB          CFH512-HR               $231.80
 512MB          RCFH512EHGH             $231.80
The prices are from a pricelist at https://itsupplyhouse.com/ (No, I do NOT sell those cards), they are meant as orientation.
The difference between CFH and RCFH is Commercial standard and Industry Standard, ...CP means plastic housing, ...HR means metal housing. So for the normal musicians use the CFH..-CP should be fine.

Add on notice: The info above is from 2016. Meanwhile (08/2018) I bought various CFH...-CP and they work like charm in the Repeater.

Supply connector replacement
The connector for the powersupply is unfortunately not very robust. I removed the original socket in the repeater and drilled a large hole a little left to the original socket. I use a Lumberg circular connector with threaded joint with 8 pins. Lumberg part number 033099 SV80. The corresponding socket is the Lumberg 0304 08-1 or 0305 08-1 (the difference between 304 and 305 is rear or front mounting - I prefer the rear mounting version 0304)

I use the following pinout:

The connections on the pcb are like like that:

The soldering looks like this. The blank wire from the ground is used for the internal analogue ground.

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