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Korg KEC-42

This is a rare korg device - and it is difficult to describe what it is. Perhaps it is best decribed as a prewired modular EQ and dynamics tool. There are four EQ sections with hi-cut/boost and lo-cut/boost with variable frequency for both bands. And there are two dynamics sections each with a gate with variable threshold and decay and with a compressor with threshold and ratio (but no control over attack and release). Each two EQs and one dynamics unit can be combined in various settings with switches. But all units can be used separately too via the rear connections.
Basically one can make a kind of frequency selective stereo compressor (similar like a deesser, but with variable frequency ranges). But any other usage is possible. I had it inserted in the AUX sends for reverbs and delays - as eq or as frequency dependend limiter.
I provide some pics, the service manual and the owners manual:

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