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Korg Polysix

There is a quite bad scan of the service manual in the web. So I decided to take high resolution pictures of my copy and put them into a pdf:
Korg Polysix Service Manual.

Chord Trigger Addon for Korg Polysix and Korg Poly61

The complete module - in the picture with cables for a Poly61.

I have developed a chord trigger module for the Polysix or Poly61. This addon establishes a trigger input, which triggers the played voices of the Polysix if an external trigger signal is provided. If no cable is inserted in the trigger input, the synth will behave normally.

To add the module to the Polysix good skills in desoldering chips are required. It is easily possible to remove the kit and to bring the Polysix back to the original state.

The costs for the device are be:
ItemPrice within
the Euro zone
Price for international
payment via paypal
plain pcb20 Euros25 USD
kit40 Euros47 USD
assembled kit60 Euros70 USD
The prices include german VAT. If you are a buyer from the EU and have a european VAT-id please let me know.
Shipping costs will be around 3,50 Euros for the pcb and kit and 7-10 Euros for the assembled kit inside Europe. International shipping costs may be higher.

To place an order please send me a mail

The project is published as open hardware. You may find the files for Eagle V7 at the bottom of this page.





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PCB: parts placement:

PCB bottom layer:

PCB top layer:

This project is open hardware. So here you find the EagleFiles: