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Roland JX3P Pictures

New page with a lot of pictures of the JX-3P, the PG200 and the Kiwitechnics Patch Editor
Additional page: pictures from a restauration of the keyboard

copyright: roland corporation.

The Programmer PG-200; copyright: dave@guitargonauts.com

The additional MIDI through board. copyright: Florian Anwander

The voiceboard. In the front SIL buffer opamps for the demultiplexed CVs. Then come the six voices. The small beige cable, that leads from the row of resistors to accross the board to the rear end and back to the voices, is the noise which is fed to the VCFs. The black small cable parallel to this one is the external CV-in for the VCFs. At the rear end of the PCB you can see the modified LM13600 that is used as VCA for the noise. The thicker gray cables, which lead to frontpanel pcb (right side of the picture) are sends and returns for the additional Chorus input.

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