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Roland JX3P - Transformer Replacement

I got the request for a transformer replacement, to convert the JX-3P from a 117V version to a 230V version. So I ordered suitable torroid transformers at www.multi-circuit-boards.eu.

This is the transformer with the included mounting material:

The transformer has an input for 2 x 115V AC primary; the secondary side provides 2 x 16V, 0.4A each and 1 x 9V, 0.8A. The transformer may be used for other roland synths like the Juno-series too (not tested). And also it is well suitable for eurorack power supplies.

I am selling these as spare part. The corresponding modifications must be undertaken by qualified persons. I REJECT ALL LIABILITY FOR ALL CONSEQUENCES OF USING THIS DEVICE. I will send an instructional graphic how to wire the the transformer. I WILL NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS ON HOW TO DO THIS. PERSONS WHO HAVE TO ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT THAT ARE APPEARENTLY NOT QUALIFIED TO UNDERTAKE THE MODIFICATION!

By sending an order for this transformer you agree with these conditions.


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Shipping in Germany is 4,99 Euro.
International shipping is at the moment 15.89 Euro plus 4.- Euro tracking and insurance.
These shipping costs may change, so please check the website of Deutsche Post).

For ordering please use the order page

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