VMC - Eurorack MIDI Modules

"VMC" stands for "Versatile / Voltagecontrolled / Variable - MIDI - Companion / Cruncher / Controller / ..." - choose what you want.

Picture of the pre-series module. From left to right: simple in/out/thru-module, VMC-1 main module, triple in/thru module, triple out module.

The VMC-System is a series of modules for Eurorack systems, which provide MIDI handling and (analog) clock handling in a broader sense. The modules are internally connected by an additional ribbon cable, which provides powersupply, MIDI busses and an analog clock bus.
Basically this bus can be combined with the Fluxus Modules by http://soundcomplete.net/

At the moment a first production run is planned for the following modules:
  • VMC-1: a generic module, which combines an ARDUINO NANO with a display, five buttons, three digital-inputs and two control voltage inputs with amount control.
    This module may run various software. At the moment (10/2021) I offer only the SQ-3P sequencer, but other programs like chord-trigger, voltage controlled MIDI-converts, or similar will follow soon.
  • MIDI-ITO: a simple module, which provides MIDI input, output and thru. The module is connected with a bus cable to the VMC.
  • MIDI-3IT: a module with MIDI input and thru; the input can be routed to three different busses. So it is possible to control up to three VMCs from one MIDI source.
  • MIDI-OOO: a module with three separate MIDI out sockets, for the three possible busses of this system.
The following modules are planned:
  • Euro-Pal: a euro rack version of the MIDI-Pal - with kind permission of Emilie Gillet (Merci beaucoup!).
  • Clock-Man: a master clock generator for MIDI-clock, DIN-sync and analog clock. Assumingly including a shuffle and swing function.
  • Clock-Break: a bar orientated start / stop / restart function. The idea is based on the Mungo-Enterprises Sync2 (I give big kudos to John Pillans!).
  • DIN-Sync to analog clock. This will be the "professional" followup to my DIN-Sync to analogue clock interface
The modules will be available as complete modules and as kits. Frontpanels and PCBs may be sold separately.


Preliminary estimated prices:

Module    Kit Complete   Panel    PCB
VMC-1 120,- 180,- 35,- 15,-
MIDI-ITO 50,- 80,- 25,- 10,-
MIDI-3IT 50,- 80,- 25,- 10,-
MIDI-OOO 45,- 70,- 25,- 10,-
All prices in Euros without VAT, without shipping.

All modules are Open Hardware under the condition of creative commons license "cc by-nc-sa 4.0". 
All Software is Open Software under the condition of creative commons license "cc by-sa 4.0".
Software derived from Emilie Gillets MIDI-Pal will be under the condition of GPL.
Sourcecodes like files for the pcbs and the frontpanels will be published here and github.
The files were created with eagle 6.6.0 and can be handled in the free version of eagle.

Various downloads

  • eagle_libraries.zip. I use some slightly modified libraries for eagle:
    • ArduinoNanoV30_lgdDrills.lbr: the original library uses small drills for the pins, which do not fit standard pinheaders -> I changed the diameter of the drills
    • PJ3410_sockets.lbr: all libraries for the PJ3410 I found had the milling for the pins at the wrong position -> I corrected this
    • lcd_dem16216.lbr: -> removed two mounting holes, that I do not want to have on the VMC-1 board; also I moved the origin marker of the display to the center
    • con-hirschmann_nognd.lbr: the MIDI-3IT and the MIDI-OOO use a version of the MAB5SV socket without ground pin -> I removed the ground pin
    • con-hirschmann_gnd2normal.lbr: the MIDI-ITO uses a version of the MAB5SV socket with ground pin not defined as power pin
  • download this zip-file and unpack it
  • copy the five files from the resulting folder to the libraries folder of your eagle installation
  • enter "use *" in the command line in eagle to reload the libraries.